Is the Kwele Mask a face mask

Chokwe mask ~ Songye mask ~ Punu mask ~ Goli mask ~ Shona mask ~ Teke mask ~ Fang mask ~ Tikar mask ~ Bauole mask ~ Guro mask ~ Maasai mask ~ Swazi mask ~ Kwele mask. This wooden Sick mask from the Pende people measures 11. African Mask – Kwele Kwele masks have two large horns which sometimes encircle and frame the face. Small rectangles on the forehead indicate the particular Punu tribe. The eyes have two holes, to allow the user to see; the mouth, of rectangular shape, is a characteristic feature of the Goli mask. The masks are regarded as highly protective and are controlled by the Bwete Association, who maintains social order. They are used in ceremonies to promote well-being and community. Human features and bongo antelope horns are combined in this Kwele face mask that represents a benevolent forest spirit. Add to Cart. Product #: 132030 . B. The face, simplified to a heart-shaped form in the center of the mask, is highlighted in white. HCK 0617-1 . Item Details. This ram or “Bata” mask features a central stylized human face with narrow eye holes, a …Christopher Nyasafo is inspired by the legendary masks of the Kwele people in Gabon, Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. This original and authentic body mask originates from the Makonde people of southern Tanzania (then German East Africa) and shows a female body mask, called ‘Ndimu’, which depicts a young, pregnant woman. This mask has an Asian-style face and hair style possibly indicating a relationship with Asian traders. Some did not have eye slits and were shown to onlookers rather thMakonde Female ‘Ndimu’ Body Mask, Tanzania. A sick person wears the mask for a time, and then takes it off, symbolically taking away the sickness. 25 inches wide. Its facial features include crescent shaped eyes, ears, a slender nose, mouth, arches of a hairline, and triangles carved on each cheek (BSLOC_2017_16_2)A wooden mask from a Cameroon Punu tribe. pinterest. Kwele ‘ekuk’ masks are beautifully stylised with a heart shaped face, almond shaped eyes and a …Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm Sat & Sun: CLOSED. The wall mask features two long horns that encircle the face with a heart-shaped aura. The mask is an instrument; without it, one cannot understand his African culture. $95. It was used by members of Beete, a religious organization dedicated to dealing with crises and countering negative, anti-social behavior, thus ensuring order. It displays a flat surface and often has a whitened heart-shaped face, a triangular nose and coffee bean eyes. F. AFRICAN MASKS . Com African Kwele Plank Mask Gabon Initiation Kwele Mask. The circular face represents the life-giving power of the sun, while the horns symbolize the great power of the buffalo. 7K17 Best Masks for Sale images | Masks for sale, Masks art https://www. 25 inches tall and 7. , painter, collector and tribal art expert for several auction houses (More details on request)The Kwele people are a tribal group of eastern Gabon, Republic of the Congo, and Cameroons in West Africa. A Central African carved wooden mask in the style of the Kwele tribe. Lượt xem: 7. The elongated form and clean lines of this mask, depicting the stylized face of a young man, are hallmarks of a sculptural style that originated in the Segou region. Common features of the kple kple disc shaped facemasks include antelope shaped horns, round eyes, rectangular shaped mouth and geometric designs. The dancer uses it to represent a woman’s painful childbirth. Kwele masks are controlled by the Bwete association, which maintains social order. Chinese masks have been in vogue throughout the centuries, accompanied by some rich history. The red face is considered female and the dark/black face is considered male. MOON MASK, 1880s, Baule peoples, Ivory Coast, Africa, sculpture, wood. SHOP: WAREHOUSE:. Very beautiful mask with two faces The heart-shaped face is surmounted by another head, the same style but much smaller Another peculiarity, the nose is pierced PROVENANCE: Private French collection of Mr. 9/21/2008 · Mask, Kwele peoples, Gabon, Early 20th century, Wood, pigment. The African mask plays a constant sacred role in the life of the individual from early childhood until burial. Medical Surgical Face Mask for Sale Whatsapp :+33752887078. Baule, Goli, kplekple mask, Ivory Coast This is an old very well-carved authentic mask, called kple kple which is a specific type of mask made by the Baule people. $120. “The Kwele tribe live on the northern frontier of the Republic of Congo, and have produced a famous type of mask called Ekuk. 43| DHgate. This article tells you the history and meaning behind some popular masks, and the rich traditions behind them. 00. Chinese Masks: History and Meaning. Galoa Face Mask Gabon African Art Collection. The mask is hung to pursue bad ghosts. This delicate depiction of the face is a common feature in masks of the Kwele and other related ethnic groups in the surrounding equatorial forest Other Masks; Search Site Kwele Heart Shapped Mask Ekuk Gabon African Art. Mama Mangam Bush Cow Mask Nigeria African Art Collection. Product #: 131072 . Sick masks, a form of imitative magic, and are used by many African peoples. These masks were hung in their houses and rarely worn durin The Bamana Ntomo is an initiation mask originating from the Bamabara tribe of Mali, wirthin the Ntomo Society. Round wooden mask has a oval face edged by a zigzag border and topped with a cup. The mask's contorted face represents sickness. The mask is relatively flat, with slight changes in plane clearly delineated by variations in color. ca/masksoftheworld/masks-for-saleDesigner Face Mask Anime Cartoon Mouth Mask Kpop Teeth Mouth Muffle Face Mouth Masks Women Men Venetian Masks For Sale Venetian Masks For Sale Online From Goodcomfortable, $1. Areas of the face are often painted with white kaolin clay, the color of the spirits

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